A character designer, prop designer, concept artist, and illustrator, Delilah's lifelong dream is to become a cartoon. Literally. When she was four years old she thought people could physically turn into cartoons. After learning the truth, she designs the cartoons instead, while continuing to hold on to the hope that technology may make it happen one day.
Delilah loves to design characters with unique and diverse backgrounds, as well as concepts and illustrations that bring joy to those who see them (and perhaps, speaks to their inner child).
She’s a first generation immigrant. Her family is from the Dominican Republic, and she is proud to represent and be a part of that culture. Delilah was born in Puerto Rico and moved to the mainland of the U.S. when she was two. Currently, she resides in New Jersey.
Delilah is the first member of her immediate and extended family to pursue a career in the arts (perhaps the first in her family, ever. She’s looking into it), and she loves inspiring anyone else who wants to do the same.
If you’d like to contact her, please send her an email: delilahespinosa@gmail.com
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